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    DAT created on date not updating

      Hello everyone,


      i am responsible for supporting two networks that are not connected in any way. One network has internet access and the other does not have internet access and there is no physical link between these networks, except that they are in the same building.


      Lets call NW1 the network that has internet connection and NW2 as the one that does not. We cannot connect NW2 to the internet, so please do not sugges to do this.


      both networks are running VirusScan Enterprise.


      NW1 is running client version 8.7.0i and NW2 is running client version 8.0.0. We will not be able to upgrade the client version on NW2 for sometime, so please do not suggest this as a solution either.


      i do not know how to check the EPO agent version that each is running but i believe that both are up to date. i just had a look in add/remove programs

      and for NW1 it lists McAfee Agent 4.0....... but on NW2 there is nothing listed for this program.


      Everything was working fine, up until Christmas, so i am not sure the agent was necessary.


      The procedure for updating the antivirus on NW2 is this.


      A copy of the repository for NW1 is made on a memory stick. The original contents of the existing repository on  NW2 are deleted and the contents of repository folder is copied into an NW2 server dedicated for this purpose.


      Just to be clear

      on NW1


      so copy the update folder and its contents onto a memory stick



      we delete the folder on this server called update

      then we copy the folder from the memory stick to this location \\nw2\viruscan


      We don't have to do anything else as the program automatically updates at least once a day


      We can of course force the update on a specific computer to check its working


      Well now, here's the thing.


      On a computer on NW1 it is saying the update succeeded and the DAT created on date is up to date, i.e the 16th of March 2010


      On NW2, we are using the same dat files, it is saying the update succeeded, but the DAT created on date is 2nd February 2010.


      i ran the SDAT.exe file on NW2 , but it only reports that i am running the latest engine and DAT files

      Enclosed is a picture of the about VE screen


      i would be grateful for any help you can give me.