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    My service won't autostart with McShield enabled

      A customer has a very curious situation where my Service program does not get started after rebooting when the McShield Service is enabled. (Both my service and McShield are set to Automatic).


      I know it is not flagging my program as a virus because I can start it manually later.  In addition adding my program to the exclusion list doesn't fix it either.


      The only workarounds I've found are to disable McShield, or to make my service dependent on McShield (using DependOnService Value in registry).


      It is not as if my service is starting and then stopping, it appears as if the Start is never even attempted.


      Incidentally, the customer is using "McAfee VirusScan Enterprise + AntiSpyware Enterprise 8.5.0i with Patch 8" on XP Pro.


      This does not happen with any other AV software.  Any suggestions or tips would be greatly appreciated.