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    1. constant "real-time scanning is off" 2. stuck "script checking is off"

      Hello, i had an issue with recieving a constant constant "real-time scanning is off" warning which only turned off momentarily when i clicked "turn on".

      almost instantly it would warn me again "real-time scanning is off".


      I even reinstalled and restarted.


      Now after i went into the "Viruses and Spyware Protection" tab and looked into the options under "real-time scanning" and checked that everything is checked except "network drivers",  it is ACTIVE but has a relentless warning that "script checking is off" eventhough I see that "Scripts in Internet Explorer and Firefox" is checked.


      Everytime I go to this section i have to say "turn on" before i can see the options.

      The constant "real-time scanning is off" warning has stopped, but the "script checking is off" warning remains strong.


      thanks, allen

      P.S. I did get a firefox warning that Adobe Flash 9. action error has occcured

      Error #2044: Unhandled IOErrorEvent:. text=Error #2035: URL Not Found.