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    Generic.avlz (zdrav000.exe) not detected by VSE8.70P3 but is by AVG ??

      As the heading states, our Network is now infected with this virus and I can't find a single entry about it on the McAfee site, VSE just allows the file to be run, but the FREE version of AVG now only knows about it, but deletes it...


      This sounds a little strange to me, shouldn't this situation be the other way round?





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          There are literally hundreds or new pieces of malware created each day so it is possible, even with our heuristic technology and Artemis enabled that you will get hit with something that we don't have detection for. It's an unfortunate fact that no AV vendor in the world will give you 100% detection, and it would be wholly wrong of us to claim that we do. We strive to be as close to 100% as possible, but the bad guys continue to churn their code out at a frightening rate.


          Have you submitted the file to us for investigation, and also contacted support about the issue?


          Kind regards,



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            To be honest Sam I think you have missed the point.


            I don't think its too much to ask that an incredibly expensive solution should do its job, it really is as simple as that. Before posting this I have seen other examples of this very situation, and another claim that it could take as long as 30 days to have a new variant added to the .DAT files.


            The virus I now have all over my network (1000+ Pc's) was know and in the wild on the 12th of Feb.....This also happens to be the same day that AVG released an update for.


            Sorry, but not good enough.



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              After getting the reply I expected, and then the long silence I decided to drop McAfee like a hot potatoe. We were under a common agreement that meant we didn't pay for the software, and considering the effectiveness of the application I'm glad we didn't.


              We now use Kaspersky. Performed the Network 'push' installation of 500+ computers in  day and a half and low and behold we now have viruses being found...


              Easy rule of thumb, if your virus scanner is not finding viruses and threats on a regular basis there's something wrong with the application.


              Shame on your McAfee!!

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                McAfee is merely a solution to fight against malwares. Totally relying on McAfee, for that matters any anti-virus vendor is unwiseness. I probably can handle this situation match better than you, be it McAfee or Kaspersky. I would say that you probably lack the skill to handle an outbreak, and if you want a solution from the vendor, co-operate with their tech support and allow them to do their job. They will do a better job than you though they will take some time.

                I probably guessing that you will drop Kaspersky when the day it fails to catch some other virus and jump to the next product.


                Please think wise, and try to appreciate the good side of a technology. You will have a good experience. With McAfee you can literally find where the affected computer is and with a little help from free tools from the internet, you can improve McAfee.



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                  I'll resist the urge to enter into a flame war with you as you have already demonstrated your arrogance and assumptions. Neither of which are traites of someone with well rounded skills or understandings.


                  What I will highlight is your opening statement.


                  McAfee is merely a solution to fight against malwares


                  And if the product actually did this I wouldn't be posting. Like Sam, you too should have read the initial post and digested the message within. A VERY expensive product simply failed to detect more that 10% of malware, even when the malware is several months old and know to be in the wild. Other vendors, actually, all that we tested (8 in total) managed to find 60% more than McAfee, again, all old well known items.


                  This, in my opinion is less that satisfactory.


                  Would you buy a car if only one of the 5 gears worked, the engine would start some days and not others and the wheels fell of at will? I think not....



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