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    'Download cannot continue' error



      I'm having the same problem as a couple of other users have recently posted - namely that upon attempting to download and install McAfee Plus (my subscription had not lapsed, but I hadn't been able to keep the old version up to date because of a malware) I was getting the error that 'your software download cannot continue because there is a problem with your internet connection or the McAfee download server is unavailable..'


      I've removed all the possible 'other' anti-virus software on my PC.

      I ran the product removal tool

      I also ran the pre-install tool


      I tried to install whilst in safe mode with networking, but was unable to connect to the internet when in safe mode.


      I've tried several times over the course of the last three hours whilst doing each of these steps.


      I'm running Windows XP home version on USB ASDL WAN adaptor broadband. I'm pretty sure there isn't a problem with the connecetion 'per se', as everything else seems to be working fine.


      I'm just a little worried that some malware/trojan is preventing me updating any of my virus scanning/prevention software 'cause I already was victim to a fraudulant transaction on my bank recently.


      Like jcfuhrmann, I am a little concerned that having subscribed to this product, and paid an annual fee, I am left with a situation where I had a malfunctioning copy of McAfee, but having been advised to remove this (and all other anti-virus software) in order to allow the installation of a new copy which I have paid for, my PC is left vulnerable, - which I am sure you will agree is an unacceptable situation.


      I'd appreciate any help/advice that is available. If you require further info, please do not hesitate to ask.


      Many thanks,

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          Sorry for the inconvenience caused to install the programs. Please follow the below steps before installing mcafee programs

          Open Internet Explorer.
          Click the Tools menu and select Internet Options.
          Click the Advanced tab.
          Verify Use SSL 3.0 is enabled.
          Click Apply.
          Click Ok.

          Click Tools, Internet Options.
          Select the Content tab.
          Select Disable.

          Run the mcpr tool from here and restart the computer
          Run the Mcpreinstall tool from this link and try installing your products again , Kindly report back if you receive any errors .


          Dinesh K

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            Hi Dinesh,


            Thanks for your help and your prompt response.


            I tried to do what you recommended,

            - SSL 3.0 is enabled.

            - I was however, unable to follow the instruction 'Click Tools, Internet Options. Select the Content tab. Select Disable.'  because on opening the tab there was not an option for this


              mcafee install 1.jpg

            - I ran the mcpr tool, which only took a couple of minutes - and I had a quick look at the log file (which I saved for reference), which looked fine.

            - I then rebooted and ran the mcpreinstall tool as requested, which again appreared to go OK.


            Alas then on trying to re-install the McAfee Products, the same error message occurred.


            Any further ideas?


            Cheers again for your help

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              Please try to contact technical support chat from here so that they will diagnose and help to fix your issue.