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    Problem to edit VirusScanEnterprise 8.5 > On-Access Default Process Policies policy



                I have one issue regarding Virusscan 8.5 policy. I am using ePO 4.5. I have some problem to edit policy of


      VirusScan Enterprise 8.5 > On-Access Default Process  Policies. It only happen to this policy only.  The other policy under 8.5

      is working fine ( i can edit the policy ).


      1. When i try to edit On-Access Default Process  Policies. I got the black screen that show Share & Duplicate. Pls see screen shot attachment.

          I have to Restore and Maximize the Internet Explorer before actual page appear.


      2. When the On-Access Default Process  Policies page appear, i can edit the setting but cannot save it. I got the following IE error "g_ExclusionListWidget"

          Please see screen shot