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      I recently experienced problems with my Norton Antivirus and I did some research and found that McAfee antivirus was highly recommended. I decided to try the free 30 day trial and uninstalled my Norton, and then installed my McAfee. First thing I noticed, things that stopped working on my 1 year old laptop, all of a sudden were working again! So that was great. But then after about 3 or 4 days, I couldn't open hotmail. I could get to the msn page but as soon as I clicked on hotmail, it would go blank. Then later that day, my McAfee gave me a notice and stated that my computer was not fully protected and these things needed my immediate attention. I tried to click on Fix to fix it, but nothing would happen. A bubble would come up saying my computer was up to date with McAfee. The next day, my McAfee had a red exclamation mark through it, stating that my computer was not protected. I tried to open the Security Center to see what was going on and I can't open it. I click on it and it starts to open. It's a blank box with the McAfee Security Heading, but nothing else. I tried everything, including uninstalling it, but I can't uninstall it either. It opens the uninstaller box, but it's blank with the heading again.... I'm running a disk defragmenter right now to see if this helps and I tried to reinstall McAfee to override the one I have but it won't let me. I downloaded Firefox and now I have hotmail access but still no McAfee. I wanted to try this program because it was highly recommended and I was planning on purchasing it after the 30 days. Please help me!!!!! If nothing else, I would like to know how to get it off of my computer. My e-mail is (Email removed by mod)







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          Security center could give you a blank screen if the Internet explorer files are not uptodate or corrupt

          Open Internet explorer – click Help – About internet explorer
          And check whether the Version , cipher strength and product Id are visible. (If they are blank, it means they are corrupt)

          If they are present , Uninstall the products completely using the removal tool from here
          Reinstall them from your account page in http://us.mcafee.com , this should resolve your issue

          Kindly report back if you have any issues.


          Dinesh K

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            Thank you for responding so quickly! I went on to IE and Help then About Internet Explorer. The version, cipher strength, and product id are not there. So now what do I do?

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              As I previously suspected, you browser is not uptodate, We could try to perform a windows update which might resolve your issue.
              Open IE, click tools – click windows update and let the updates complete.
              Restart the computer and check if the problem is resolved / cipher strength or product id is visible again

              If not, you need to contact your manucfacturer to reinstall IE.


              Dinesh K

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                Okay, so I checked and there were 3 optional updates and I installed them, restarted my computer, and it didn't work. How can I uninstall IE8 by myself and then reinstall it? I tried to find it in my control panel but it's not anywhere. My computer is only a year old and I don't want to buy another.