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    Re: w32/conficker virus.

      Hi all,

      First of all I'd like to tell you that I'm a new comer. So please forgive me if I do anything wrong.

      I have a serious problem . I'm working in a private company which has 250 PCs. All PCs are networked and I'm working there as an ICT Executive. We have 4 servers installed Windows 2000 server and Windows Server 2003 SP2. We're using McAfee Enterprise 8.7.0i with Anti Spyware module. Last days I noticed that all of our servers infected with W32/Conficker!mem trojan. McAfee was able to detect it but unable to clean or delete. Viras database is up to date.It affected to svchost and services.exe. I tried to clean the system with latest dat. But couldn't get satisfied. It's till infected. I cleaned the system with McAfee dos mode. but it didn't detect anything.

      So could you guys help me out to overcome this issue? I think it effects only to servers.


      Looking forward for your reply ASAP.


      Sasanda Gayan