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    RSD 2.0 ports / connectivity


      A 3rd party provider locked down one of our networks connectivity and I lost connection to a bunch of RSD 2.0 sensors, this didnt really bother me at the time as I wasnt using them.

      Now I think I do actually have a use for them and I cant seem to connect through. Have got HTTPS on 8444 open to epo server IP as specified in the docs (according to the 3rd party) and this is the same port shown in epo (4.0 patch 6 btw) Can anyone advise in their experienceof any other ports or connections necc to get this passing data?


      I dont have access to any of the remote machines to pull down logs, just ping and standard epo agent/vse ports


      any ideas appreciated



      NB EPO IS listening on 8444



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