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    Install Issue



      Just purchased McAfee VirusScan Plus and each time I attempt to download and install it I received an error page (no connection???). This is immediately following acknowledging the terms and conditions and clicking ‘download’.


      Followed all the 'trouble shooter' tips (DNS Server flush etc etc) and still no joy.


      Any ideas??????

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          Could you provide some more information on this issue ;

          What is the exact error message you receive at the time of download ?
          What is the computer’s operating system ?
          How is the computer currently connected to internet ?
          Do you have any other security software installed in the computer  (or used in the past)

          Kindly provide the requested information so that we could proceed accordingly and get it installed .



          Dinesh K

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            Hey Dinesh


            Warning reads: "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage".


            OS is Windows XP connected via wireless broadband. Have had NOD32 and Avast installed but removed prior to attempting install McAfee.


            Any help is appreciated.

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              Please check whether there had been made any changes to your  Interent protocol settings as certain malware variants have the capability of changing them. Please refer to the below picture and check the same:

              TCP-IP properties.JPG


              Click Start – run , type cmd and in the command prompt window type ping download.mcafee.com and check whether you receive a valid reply from the website.  (and not 127.0.01 which is a loo back address)


              Dinesh K