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    Real Time Scanning Is Off After Upgrade To 2010

      Today, March 15, 2010, my McAfee suddenly told me to restart my computer to activate new updates, then my old familiar McAfee screen was replaced with this new one.  I can get used to the new screen, but now I keep getting the error message "Real-time Scanning is Off."  I've turned it on countless times but it keeps shutting itself off.  I've tried the various suggested fixes - double-clicking the M icon on the taskbar and turning it on, doing the Start-Run-services.msc steps, and verified that my computer does not have any incompatible software.  I sat for two hours waiting for the McAfee Virtual Technician to "check for updates" so I could actually use it to try to fix this Real-Time Scanning problem, but finally gave up because it was taking so long.


      Is anybody else having the same problem with Real-Time Scanning after restarting once the new update is downloaded?  Can anyone provide any advice on how to fix this problem?


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          The same thing happened to me last night. I've installed and uninstalled three times already and I'm still unable to scan anything. It keeps telling me that real time scanning is turned off but when I turn it back on and reboot, nothing happens. I've tried using virtual technician as well without any luck.

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            Hi railbird,

            Please follow the below steps to enable real time scanning ;

            1. Check and delete if you find any other security software in C:/program files & common files.
            2. Download and save the utility from the link below to your desktop:

            http://download.mcafee.com/products/licensed/cust_support_patches/oas-disabled-f ix.cmd

            3. Double-click the oas-disabled-fix.cmd tool.

            NOTE: Windows Vista and 7 users should right-click oas-disabled-fix.cmd and select Run as Administrator.

            If you receive the error StopService: Unable to open service McShield via SCM (5), press  CTRL+C to terminate the process.  You will be prompted to terminate the batch job. Type Y and press ENTER. Run the oas-disabled-fix utility again.
            Restart your computer and ensure that McAfee Security Center shows that Real-Time Scanning is enabled.

            Kindly report back if you still have any issues with re-enabling real time scanner

            Dinesh K


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              I have tried this, and although it worked right after I rebooted, it still would not scan. It said there was an error and I should go back to the homepage and try again. And then real time scanning turned off again.

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                Hi michelleb,

                Thanks for your quick response ,  I would suggest you to contact mcafee technical support chat from here, since the real time scanning actually gets disabled in various scenarios like conflict with any other remnant of a different security software or malware infection . They will be able to diagnose the issue and fix it for you.



                Dinesh K

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                  Thank you very much, I will try that. Everything seems to be working fine now, except that I am unable to scan. Thanks for your repsonse.

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                    I too am having this problem after it updated today.  I tried the download, and the dos box showed that it was repeatedly unable to open McShield.  I'm wondering if it was a problem with the update.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.



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                      Same problem here with the added bonus of virtual technician telling me that antispam is not working and it cannot fix it.  it would have been better if McAffe gave us a heads up about the update as I thought I was being hacked when all my security system went down.

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                        i have had this problem also tonight. In fact this is the second time this has happened since I installed McAfee on 2/28/2010.  I tried VT and it tried to fix the problem. Said it could fix all but 1.  The one it could not or did not fix was Engine out of date.  I tried to do the update through VT but it was so slow I gave up also.  I then went to the regular update in security section and downloaded updates and installed and then iot said it was fixed.  Real time scanning was then on and everything was fine.


                        Now what I don't understand IS WHY do I have to update manually when I have automatic updates turned on???????????????  Totally a waste of effort if you ask me.


                        Seems that this part of McAfee needs a little work........


                        I got McAfee free for a year because Comcast no longer offers free McAfee internet Securtity.  Now Comcast offers free Nortons Internet Security and I absolutely do not like Norton.


                        I will keep McAfee until my free subscription runs out in 2011 but if they don't get their act together with this type thing then I will be searching for another securiity program.  As long as Comcast offered it, I never had one problem and that was 3 or 4 years.



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                          I finally got the Real-Time Scanning to stop shutting itself off after jumping through multiple hoops for two days, but waiting and hoping McAfee would fix a similar problem with Anti-Spam shutting itself off since the upgrade they did on March 15, 2010 has been in vain.


                          Is anybody else having the same problem with their McAfee Anti-Spam shutting itself off every time you turn it back on since the update that changed the look of the Internet Security Center screens?