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    Scheduled scanning stops at file "tracking.log"

      Using VirusScan 13.15.  When a scheduled scan occurs on my Vista PC, the scanning hangs up showing that the file being scanned is "C:/system volume information/tracking.log"  The "skip" button does nothing and the only option for me is to cancel the scan.  This only happens with a scheduled scan.  When I manually launch a full scan, the scanning completes successfully with no problems reported.  I read that the tracking.log file is associated with Windows System Restore and I've turned System Restore off and deleted the restore points but no change, still hangs when next scheduled scan occurs.  I also read that this is associated with ZoneAlarm but I do not and never have had ZoneAlarm installed.  Running McAfee Security Center and Personal Firewall, Windows Firewall is off. I have found a few mentions of this on this forum also but don't see any solutions.

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          Hi hcadams,

          Could you please provide some more information about the computer ;

          What is the operating system ?
          How old is the computer ?
          Do we have any .zip files in the mentioned location ?

          Dinesh K

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            Hello Dinesh


            The system is a Dell XPS 420, running Vista Home Premium SP2


            The computer is 2 years old.  Have been running McAfee AV+ since it was new, I first noticed this problem about a month or six weeks ago.


            No zips in the location in question.  It is a system folder apparently related to the system restore processes.

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              I have the same problem. The skip button DOES NOT WORK! The VirusScan software was just updated to the latest version with the new interface. I had this problem before this upgrade yesterday and I thought, good they have changed this program and so I am sure they fixed this issue! WRONG! I would love to just be able to hit skip and by pass this file. Wish it would work the way it is suppossed to! I do know that this is related to me having ZoneAlarm firewall on the computer, but I won't give it up. This happens whether it is a scheduled scan or I initiate a manual one. Come on McAfee, lets get this fixed so I can skip this file or for it to be smart enough to know to skip on its own!!!!



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                i#m having the same problems. can't skip the file. need an answer as this keeps going on. and i have to cancel the scan, which could be leving me open to a virus on the disk somewhere.

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                  Same problem here.  Is there a solution to this?

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                    Latest update on my front:


                    My issue on this subject seems to be resolved due to the following steps. I uninstalled the older version of ZoneAlarm and installed the latest free version. What prompted me to do this was my McAfee Anti-Virus subscription had expired. I then installed the latest version of the McAfee and have successfully for a couple of weeks now, not had this issue anymore. My scans complete for a change. Yeah!! I hope this helps all of you.



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                      I uninstalled malwarebytes and re-ran the scan and it worked,  It took less than 2 hours for a full scan.


                      Apparently McAfee does not play well with other virus/spybot/malware software.

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                        Hi, JeffreyK28:


                        That's odd that you're having problems with McAfee and MBAM.

                        I have no trouble with these (even running MBAM active protection) alongside McAfee on BOTH my Dell systems, including an XPS 420/Vista (x86) that sounds quite similar to yours.

                        In fact, McAfee seems to play better with MBAM than does the Webroot suite on my work laptop.


                        You might want to try the following, since MBAM does offer a layer of protection not covered well by McAfee (esp the IP protection):


                        1) Go to the malwarebytes.org website for the detailed steps on a full removal and *cleanup* of MBAM (it requires downloading the cleanup tool and  a couple of reboots along the way) and follow them exactly.

                        2) Reboot one last time.

                        3) Download a fresh copy of MBAM from their site or one of the mirrors.

                        4)*Temporarily* disable the McAfee FW and AV in order to install MBAM (this shouldn't be strictly necessary, but it sometimes helps to avoid conflicts between security apps).

                        5) Install and update MBAM; activate your registration (if you use the paid version).

                        6) Re-enable the McAfee FW and AV, allowing MBAM permission when McAfee prompts.

                        7) It sometimes helps to *manually* verify that the McAfee firewall has given all the MBAM exe files "full access" (I have not experienced any issues with this, once I click to "allow" on the initial McAfee program permission popup).


                        Although I was concerned that enabling MBAM active protection to load at Windows startup (at the same time McAfee loads) might cause conflicts, I have not had any issues with this, either.

                        (MBAM loads well AFTER McAfee in both Vista and 7; for XP, one has to do one of several "tweaks" to avoid potential startup conflicts.)


                        Everyone's system is a bit different and both my Dell desktops still run only the OEM "2009" Dell versions of McAfee (haven't gotten the 2010 versions yet), but I think it *is* possible to run McAfee and MBAM Pro side-by-side.


                        Hope this helps,




                        PS I have McAfee updater set to notify only, so I can control when to install updates.  As a precaution to avoid conflicts, I temporarily disable MBAM Active Protection before installing DAT or other McAfee updates.