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    Mcafee Enterprise 8.7i and counterspy 4.0

      We are trying to run counterspy 4.0 agaent on windows xp sp3 machines that also have McAfee 8.7i on them and Microsoft Office and IE lauch with Application errors, the instruction at "0x83b8e66b" referenced memory at"0x83b8e66b" the memory could not be read , without the counterspy client everything works fine and on our windows 7 machines everything works fine. If I stop the McAfee mcshield service it works. Counter spy says it must be some kind of incompatability between the 2 agents, whats odd is that previous versions of counterspy work great on the xp boxes. If anyone has any suggesti0ons that would be awesome as we are at a loss.

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          Similiar Issue.  We are running McAfee Enterprise 8.7.0i/ScanEngine (32-bit) 5400.1158 and CounterSpy 4.0.  Windows XP Pro SP2.  If we revert back to McAfee 8.5, no further issues.  In order to make this happen, boot up in safe-mode, disable the CounterSpy service, reboot, uninstall McAfee, reboot, install 8.5 and re-enable CounterSpy service.  This has resolved all issues until we get something back from one of the vendors.

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            thanks for the input :-)  we are running mcafee enterprise 8.7i on around 400 machines, so removing it and installing 8.5 isn't an option (as far as my boss is concerned) counterspy maintains that this is an issue that mcafee must resolve as its their software that is the issue and counterspys..per counterspy anyway  :-)

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              The issue that you are seeing is indeed a result of the incompatibility between the software.


              I believe you are running both McAfee as well as Counterspy real time. I would disable counter spy's realtime protection and use it on demand to scan whenever I need to or schedule the scans however I would not run both of them actively when I am using my PC as it will greatly hamper my PC's performance as well.



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                we have done that when working with the counterspy support rep and it made no difference, if the mcafee  mcsheild service is running the issues persists. the odd thing is that they both work flawlessly on the few windows 7 machines we have with no issues what so ever

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                  May I know which OS have you got on the machines in question ?


                  And also, The errors that you get. Is it happening during the On Demand scans or does the McAfee On Access Scanner gives you those alerts every now and then ?