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    Detection sig file old.  Unable to connect to Mcafee.

      My virusscan tries to update but continuously gives an error.  When I try to connect to Mcafee to manually download update, the browser says it cannot connect to the server.  It does not matter which browser I use.  This happens with cookies being accepted.  All other internet functions work at other sites.





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          Hi Gibran,
          Open command prompt window and type ping download.mcafee.com and check whether you get a valid reply from the site and not the numbers (which is a loop-back address)
          Click start - run – Type drivers and hit OK
          Click on the folder that says etc and click on hosts (Open the file with a notepad)
          In this file check whether the last line says , any new ip below this could be removed and save the file.

          Kindly report back on the above mentioned so that I could provide you some additional steps on the same


          Also provide some additional information like;

          How is the computer currently connected to internet ? dsl/wireless
          Do you use any other security software in the computer ?

          Do you receive any spyware pop ups in the computer ?





          Dinesh K

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            Performed all requested tasks.  Reply from ping was four lines of reply from bytes=32 time<1ms TTL=128.

            Last line of Host file is


            Computer connect to internet through Linksys router to cable modem to cable.  Not wireless.


            No other secutiry software installed.  Mcafee in use since computer purchased 5 years ago.


            No popups or spyware noted.


            System:  Dell 4700, XP media center, 3Gigs

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              Please find the attached txt file. Open that and copy the text and replace all those that is found in the Host file on your computer.

              Now you would be able to get connected to the McAfee server and your product will get updated. If there are issues, those remains with your McAfee Home products, please let us know about that.




              Amal Jose Varghese