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    Upgrade agents with 2 ePO Server versions !

      Hi all,


      We already have ePO v4.0 (1 master + 3 repositories) in use in our company.


      We plan to install ASAP the lastest retail version on a new server.


      I've already installed a trial version on a virtual server machine (Windows 2003) and set it about the same way as the "old" v4.0 still running.


      I'm testing it with a virtual client (Windows XP SP3) and except for a few details to finetune it's working properly.


      Now, I've to figure out how to "migrate" the... 650 agents located in 3 sites !


      I've read a couple of times the documentation and I'm not quite sure what's the best way to do that !


      Should I follow the instructions in the McAfee Agent 4.5 user guide titled " Converting the agent mode from unmanaged to managed mode in windows" and copy the 3 files on the client then execute the frminst.exe (if so which operator is required ?) and then update the clients through the "new" server ePO console ?


      I've aslo read somwhere in the manual that keys are involved in the dialogue between the client and the server.


      I guess taht I sould import the keys in this new "temporary" server.


      Can I do so just while I'm testing the "test" installation without putting the current "old" server "offline" ?


      I simply want to validate the upgrade process as well as a brand new install on my test server !


      Once everything is validated, I will put this test server offline, reinstall ePO with the license on the prod server and then implement the process I'm inquiring about to migrate ALL our clients !


      Your help will be much appreciated !


      Thx in advance,