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    mcafee wont update and I cant get to mcafee.com

      hello recently my mcafee keeps telling me that I am unprotected and that my files are 8-29 days behind. i try to update and it comes back and says i need to reinstall these programs. so i try to go to customer support and it wont let me. i then googled mcaffe and try to go to mcafee.com and it wont let me. doesnt matter which browser i cannot access mcafee.com. any suggestions





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          Hi Brian,
          Please let us know some more information on this issue so that we could provide you solutions;

          How is the computer currently connected to internet dsl/wireless
          What is the computer's operating system ?
          Do we receive any error numbers while trying to connect with Mcafee website ?


          Dinesh K

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            thanks for the respone. my computer has xp and i am hooked to the internet via a satellite provider. all i can get... i think it might be a virus blocking the mcafee site. i can access any other site i want just not mcafee. everytime i try to go to customer support through the security program or if i google it and then try to go into mcafee.com i get the same page. it says mcafee.com is no longer valid. the funny part is i can un hook my ethernet cord and when i try to go to the site instead of giving me the internet is not connected page i get the same mcafee error page. could spyware be blocking my computer from going to mcafee.com?


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              Hi bjwmaine,
              Yes , of course as certain malware variants have the capability to block computers from accessing secured websites (especially of antivirus products)
              1. Please check whether your network properties or DNS settings have been changed .
              Click start – run – type ncpa.cpl
              From the next screen , make a right click on LAN connection and click properties
              Click on Internet protocol (TCP/IP) and click properties below it
              Check whether your network properties display the same as the image below  :

              Nerwork properties.JPG

              Kindly reply back if the image doesnt not look as the one presented here.


              2. Check whether  any new IP address range have been added to your host file as spyware does most of these activities.
              Click start - run – Type drivers and hit OK
              Click on the folder that says etc and click on hosts (Open the file with a notepad)
              In this file check whether the last line says , any new ip below this could be removed and save the file.

              Kindly report back on the above mentioned so that I could provide you some additional steps on the same





              Dinesh K

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                I tried everything you mentioned and all looks well. i downloaded malware and ran it and it found some problems and resolved them but i still cannot update mcafee or go to the mcafee site. it keeps sending me to a site that says mcafee security and that there is a problem with the website. I tried to access this site from my home computer and I  could get in but any link to mcafee came up with a red x. and if you clicked on the link it went to the same security page I got when i try to go to mcafee.com. would mcafee have a fix?





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                  Hi Bryan,

                  Please check whether the system clock is set right as per your time zone.
                  Also try to reset you internet explorer and access the mcafee website.
                  If all the above is correct , I would suggest to contact mcafee technical support from here as they would have remote access to the system and help you fix the issue.



                  Dinesh K






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