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    High Level Vulnerabilities "only" Scan? Not after a FASL Update!


      Hi all.


      I have recently noticed that my top priority scans, that *only* include high vulns, on extensive assets, started to report medium and low vulns.

      After checking the scan configurations, I concluded that new low and medium vulns were also included in the scan.


      The obvious reason why this happen is because the 'run new checks' options is enabled in the scan. And the problem with this option is that it can't be set on a by risk view. That is, if you open the Vuln Section with the default view, which is 'by Category', you will be able to set the new checks, but this is category based. If you switch to 'by Risk' view, you will not be able to set new check option on the categories.


      Sure that low and medium vulns will always be filtered by my asset reports, but checking new vuls other than the level I need, will increase the time of the scan...