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    shwiconXP9106.exe *32 -- is this malware? please help



      The following suspicious process turned up in my task manager today (although I don't have any idea when it might have appeared -- today was the 1st time I noticed it).


      My new Win7 Ultimate 64 system has been pretty stable since purchase X 1 month.  Everything is fully patched.

      I am a very safe computer user, do not use P2P or gaming, and have never had an infection on any previous XP, Vista or 7 platform.


      Today, inexplicably, I got a BLACK SCREEN (no stop code, no error message) when I left the system unattended for ~1 hour with MS Word 2007 open and a file open.

      Had to reboot from the power switch on the tower.

      Could not discern anything noteworthy to my untrained eye in the event viewer, but I am not expert enough to read most of the info there.

      I opened task manager just to look for anything "off" and noticed this process: shwiconXP9106.exe *32.

      This is not any program or process with which I am familiar or which I think I have installed.

      Nothing listed in program files, and when I type it into the search box, nothing is found.


      I looked it up at processlibrary.com -- nothing.  This worries me.

      I googled it and came up with some weird and possibly scary stuff.

      I do not know if this process is malicious and/or if it is related to my black screen today.


      I have run scans with MBAM Pro (clean), Super AS (clean) and my overnight, deep, scheduled scan with McAfee last night was clean.

      There have been no event detections by McAfee FW or by MBAM Pro.

      McAfee SC GUI: "YES", I am protected.  SC 9.15.175 (2/24/2010), VS 13.15.116 (DAT 5918, 3/12/2010), PF 10.15.106 (2/24/2010).


      PLEASE ADVISE ASAP: I have not yet tried to kill the process in task manager, since I don't know if that will create instability.