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    3.6.1 prep for upgrade to 4.0 - some systems showing up blank 'Agent Version' in report


      Let me explain that a bit better!


      I've got a reasonably small infrastructure (350-odd systems) which I'm prepping for upgrade to EPO 4.0 since 3.6.1 is EOL. I've been diligently upgrading agents, clients (had a real mess of stuff, including (yuck) some old 7.0 VirusScan installations) and have now almost finished - settled on, VS 8.5 patch 8 - with a few systems running, VS 8.7 Patch 2/3. All looks good in preparation for upgrade - but have an odd issue. 95% of systems are reporting as having the correct agent version (CMA 3 patch 4 or MC Agent 4 patch 2/3) in a query (All AV Installations By Last Contact), but a few are showing up completely blank. I've tried uninstalling & reinstalling both the agent and VS but it hasn't made any difference - sure as eggs is eggs, as soon as I either reinstall manually or push from the server, then run an agent wakeup & collect full props, the system shows up with a blank agent version again.


      Anyone have any ideas what might be causing this (and what to do about resolving it?)


      Cheers, in advance