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    HELP! Someone! Scan and MISP not responding



      I need help, everytime I run a full scan on my laptop, windows vista home premimum 32 bit, it stops at the same spot (at 36%, c;\users\all users\supp...4df.11\description.html) I ran it on safe mode and it scanned all the way through with no problem. However, when I tried scanning it again it will stop at the same place. and when I exit out of mcafee i need to use the task manager and afterwards it'll say " MISP Shell is not responding".


      Though, when I use the internet or any other software everything works fine. I also have Spyware Doctor, and when I run a full scan it works great.

      Browser: Mozilla Firefox


      Can anyone help?

      Did I even post on the right page? ^.^


      Thanks in advance



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