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    can't start download

      I rebuilt my HP laptop with Vista Ultimate, now I can get to HP to download drivers and did, and to McAffee to start the install, but I need help.

      I get the first download of the installer, DMSetup?, and then it runs and immediately errors off with networking errors.


      Can someone please help me get this resolved?


      Dan W @ yahoo

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          When do you run DMSetup appear some num of error? You can explain more about the problem

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            Yes, it says networking error. Please help me get this lil' nuget knocked out quick!!!!!!


            The exact message:

            Download Cannot Continue

            Your McAfee software download cannot contunue because either there's a problem with

            your internet connection or the McAfee download server is unavailable. To fix this, make

            sure your PC is connected to the Internet or wait for a few moments for the server to

            become available, then try again.


            There is a Close and a Retry button on the lower left and lower right corner,

            no matter how many retry's I do it gives same error.


            I tried setting up a shortcut to Run as Administrator as well.

            I tried updating the networking drivers - no luck.

            I tried rebooting in safe mode - no luck.

            I tried the Internet free-scan from McAfee -

            ... setup to allow ActiveX, and not look at expired certificates and such - lowered Internet security to Medium...

            still no luck.


            Tested Internet speed - nice tool BTW - but even though I get 1.5Mbps and +2Mbps bursts, stillllll noooo luuuuck!!!



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              Peter M

              Assuming your Vista is SP2, up to date and you have either IE7 or 8 final edition installed.  Go to Internet Explorer (Internet Explorer (x86) if your machine is 64-bit), (whether or not you use it) Tools/Internet Options/Advanced and click Reset, Apply and OK, OK any UAC prompts and close the browser.  reopen it and go to Tools/Manage Add-ons and re-enable the add-ons.


              Try running this preinstall tool then retry:  http://download.mcafee.com/products/licensed/cust_support_patches/Mcpreinstall.e xe

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                Still need your help!'

                I did all of that (McAfee was already enabled in the AddIns.)

                I ran the preinstall successfully, and still get certificate errors and the same message - still no luck.


                Is there a place to simply dl the entire install so I can getr done immediately??


                Ok, there is more:

                1) I get cert error when I attempt to go to my account from mcafee.com/us it pops up a new browser to

                home.mcafee.com/downloads ... and there I get security certificate errors.

                2) I'm only on Vista Ultimate SP1 since I cannot go to get updates either...


                Something is just wrong.


                I thought it may have been something I did so I rebuilt it from scratch last week - same exact issues, no luck.


                I can't upgrade to SP2 or get other security updates!

                I can't install McAfee... wierdest ever.


                Dan W @ yahoo

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                  Peter M

                  Use Technical Support Online Chat linked through Useful Links above.

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                    Thanks for helping ex brit - do tell me why the flip I can't install updates?????? You're an MVP. Tell me ex brit (y're in Toronto now?)


                    I'll try again - I called them last time, and the answer was to pay them 89 dollah. Yeah, right!

                    So I'm supposed to pay to get them to do the right thing which should work OOTB. Yeah. No.


                    I'll chat w/em, but I tried from that laptop and it failed. I'll have to do it from this one.


                    But sh

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                      Peter M

                      Online Chat is free 24/7, Phone help is charged, except within 30 days of retail purchase in which case it is also free, see here: http://service.mcafee.com/FAQDocument.aspx?id=TS100429&lc=1033


                      The one advantage they have is that they can connect with your machine to troubleshoot.  I can only assume that it's due to some missing Windows Updates, but if you can't use that either then only Tech Support can help as they have all the various tools at their disposal.


                      My MVP was last year and was for helping the community  in the Consumer Security area - i.e. anti-malware stuff, it by no means indicates I'm an expert!!

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                        Peter M

                        ...a further thought, you aren't using any beta version of IE7 or 8 are you?   Even if it isn't your default browser, that can cause these issues.

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                          EX BRIT - thanks, please help me understand why I can't get updates

                          It is the version of IE7 that comes with Vista SP1:

                          v: 7.0.6001.18000


                          What would be the cause of the certificate errors?


                          Dan W @ yahoo

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