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    htpatch.exe McAfee doesn't know which is the bad one, does anyone?

      I am really upset as McAfee asked me today if I want to block this file.  After some search,  I found out that htpatch.exe is a system file but the same name is used as a virus as well.  I would've thought that McAfee could recognize a Virus...I am still in the 30 days trial.  I used before Avast which was really great but slowly it became slow in detection.  As far as I see McAfee is not very sharp either and that from the very beginning.

      1) Where should I look for the bad one?  I have a startup black screen which is solved after I turned off the power and start in safe mode and reboot. How should I know which is the good one?   Free trial will be it.  with no help, there isn't any point to pay them.  and to pay for an email/chat/phone...no way!