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    How do I "fix" Parental Controls WITHOUT "fixing" e-mail and IM scanning?

      I regularly get notifications from McAfee indicating that I'm not fully protected.  I'm quite aware that I'm not fully protected by McAfee since I've disabled McAfee's internal scanning for e-mail and IM.  I want to keep e-mail and IM scanning DISABLED.


      However, since McAfee does not allow me to ignore the e-mail and IM scanning warnings, I have to pull up the "You're not fully protected" warning many times every day to ensure that something else is not wrong (other than the warnings that e-mail and IM scanning are disabled....)


      As happens pretty regularly, I pulled up the notification popup today and it indicated that Parental Controls shut down unexpectedly and is now disabled.  It gives me an option to ignore, but I don't want to ignore.  I want to fix it.  But the only option I see to fix the problem will also turn on e-mail and IM scanning.  If those are enabled, it creates an extra folder in my Outlook inbox to put McAfee spam files, etc.


      How do I fix parental controls without "fixing" e-mail and IM scanning?