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      Will someone please tell me If I should allow permissions to this:




      I'm having a lot of trouble with McAfee Security center (3 user - which I never ordered- I'm a single user) leaving my pc unprotected 80% of the time. What is s24trans.sys and what components or software does it affect?



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          Peter M

          According to Google ...


          The process Intel WLAN Packet  Driver belongs to the software Intel Wireless LAN  Packet Driver or WLAN Transport by Intel Corporation (www.intel.com).


          s24trans.sys is located in the folder  C:\Windows\System32\drivers. Known file sizes on Windows XP are 11,354 bytes (59% of all occurrence),  11,258 bytes, 12,544 bytes, 10,970 bytes, 10,906 bytes, 12,416 bytes,  13,568 bytes.

          The driver can be started or stopped from Services in  the Control Panel or by other programs

          . The program is not visible. It is not a Windows system file. You can  uninstall this program in the control panel.  s24trans.sys seems to be a compressed file.

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            Thanks for your answer. I do know it belongs to Intel Corporation. My question is: If I stop it, what software gets affected? Is it safe to let it run?

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              Peter M

              Assuming you have a wireless LAN, that will be effected I suppose.   It's really your decision as to whether or not you want it to run but I would imagine it is safe.


              If your McAfee software is leaving you unprotected a lot of the time then there could be many reasons, infections, competing software etc.  I suggest you contact Technical Support Chat via Useful Links at the top of this page.



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