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    Can't access other partitions after re-install WinXP OS due to Drive Encryption!

      These days, I met a big problem with my HP 6530b notebook!

      1. Originally, I installed WinXP OS in C:\, and there still other three partions (D:\, G:\,H:\). And they are on the Same HDD which is 500GB.

      2. All the partitions are encrypted through HP protect tools (Drive Encryption).

      3. Last week, I re-installed WinXP OS into C:\, and after that when I log into Windows, I can not access other three partitions (D:\,G:\,H:\) any more. And there showed the partition is RAW properties.

      4. I have backup the key in my USB disk(HpDriveEncryptionBackup.dat), but I'd like to get help from you, how can I recover my data and what is the detailed steps to do?