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    Virus scan stops at 96%

      Hey! I just noticed this today.


      My McAfee Virus scan stops at 96%
      Well, it doesn't stop, but it ends.


      It'll continue scanning objects, and I see it scanning them, but after about a minute, the virus scan stops without going past 96% and says No files found infected, gives me a summary, etc.


      Here is some inforamtion:


      OS: Windows XP
      Browsers: Mozilla Firefox  {I also have Internet Explorer 8, but never use it.)
      McAfee: I assume it's the most recent one, since it updates for me.



      I'm not sure what other type of information to go give.
      What should I do?

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          Need verify the hots files

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            Hi pixiglass,
            Please provide us with the below information to help you better,

            How old is the computer ?
            Have you made any recent changes  to the computer ?
            Open security center and let me know whether it states Am I protected YES or Your computer is secure ?




            Dinesh K

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              The computer is less than a year old
              I haven't made any recent changes that I can remember. Like I said, I just noticed it was doing this, so this could have been going on for months now without my knowledge. I did do a system restore about a month ago because I had downloaded a virus by accident, though. I'm not sure if this counts, but about a week ago, I used McAfee's clean up feature to get rid of cookies and such.


              Security Center says I am fully protected.

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                This happens to me and if I remember rightly it used to happen with V13. I used to watch the end of the scan now and again and noticed this. I assumed it just went so fast at the end it probably never updated the scan %. I've also noticed last 2 days full scan (scheduled & custom) runs in half the time. Used to take 1 hour, now takes half an hour. Anyone else noticed?