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    McAfee encrypted USB


      I have a McAfee encrypted USB device that will not let me recycle.  It allows me to enter the code to recycle and it says it is recycling.. and then go into a not responding mode ultimately hanging up my laptop.  This stick has never been used before.  As seen in my former post below:


      "Intially I ran the setup on Mcafee encrypted USB stick as standalone.  My machine locked up and I ended up aborting having to power off laptop.  Now I can't do anything with this stick.  It is asking me for a management code and I don't have that.  Where can I get the management code so I can recycle this stick?  I would like to manage this via ePO.  I have successfully managed other sticks just this one is giving a problem. "


      Thank you for the management code SafeBoot!