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    Problem with scanning



      firstly the problem was with my girlfriends computer. whilst watching a film with her her computer gave us a blue screen and refused to boot, after a long time doing a system repair i managed to get to the user login page.


      it wouldn't allow me access to her profile and instead forced me to use a temp user profile. now i managed to create her a new profile but now when trying to run a scan Mcafee refuses to go past 5% where it reaches this file:


      c:\program files (x86)\...\UI\photobooth_sort.aui


      it also stops at




      do you have any advice as to how i can get all the way through and verify the security of the machine


      thanks steve

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          I've moved your post to the Home and Home Office are. Hopefully a product expert can help you soon.

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            Hi Steve,


               It's possible these are just very large files and taking an extraordinary time to scan on a system which is slow due to other issues. If you go into SecurityCenter and click Navigation (top-right corner), then click Scan Your PC, then Run A Custom Scan.


            Let's try unchecking exclude ZIP and other compressed files and try the scan again?


            Please let me know if that helped.