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    executable packer?

      I just got a McAffee subscription with my new Dell. Sadly it thinks executable packers are viruses like many other antivirus software does. I am not trying to change that, because I had that discussion with some other av vendors. I just accept that common software is just for the masses, not for developers, indygamefans etc.. But where are all my files? In a very user unfriendly way McAfee deletet them without asking. They are not in the bin. I don´t want to mess with odd file recovery tools. Any help? They have to be somewhere!


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          I moved this provisionally to VirusScan 14 - 2010 but not too sure what version your have.


          If VirusScan detected something it will most likely be in its Quarantine folder.


          For VirusScan 14 - 2010 - which has a shield-shaped icon in the taskbar, double-click that icon to open SecurityCenter

          Click Navigation at top right

          Click Quarantined & Trusted Items in the list below.


          If it is VirusScan 13 - 2009 which has a square taskbar icon, also double-click to open SecurityCenter

          Click Advanced Menu (bottom left)

          Click Restore (left)

          Click Files (right).


          If something is misidentified as an infection McAfee wants to know about it.


          This thread will explain how to get around it in order to report the file to McAfee.



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            Thanks. I found the 43 harmless files.Happy it did not delete them as it has told..

            I am still going to disable the scanner. I don´t have a good feeling with him on anymore.

            And I am not going to report it. Misidentified runtime packers is not a new thing.

            Especially the open source ones are used to hide data in an executable. But there are

            hundreds of other uses for them, so it is a shame that they´re on the trojan list of most vendors.

            It´s the tool not the malware.

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              OK, it's your choice of course, but be careful.