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    Script to update at a specific time



      I'm using Windows Steady State 2.5 with Disk Protection on and i want ToPS updates to be saved. So, i have to write a custom script to apply the updates at the
      scheduled date and time. I found nothing in the KB, manual...


      Do you know if it is possible?

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          Would you please elaborate on the exact task you are trying to carry out ?


          I mean, Where do you want the updates to be saved ? What is the purpose ? Do you want to distribute the DAT updates to other computers by saving it ?


          Also, You want to schedule a time for the update. ToPS does allow that. You have options ranging from 4 hours to 12 hours a day when the software checks for the updates automatically.


          Please elaborate more on the saving and script part so that we understand it better and try and get you the solution.



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            I use Windows Steady State to maintain shared computers. This software has an option to protect the hard disk. This option discards any modifications made during a
            user’s session and returns the Windows partition to the default environment at restart of the computer.


            To ensure that important Microsoft updates and antivirus updates are not subsequently removed at restart, i can schedule update and apply them permanently. I may be able to update in one of two ways:

            - schedule Windows SteadyState to automatically update the security program detected by Windows SteadyState,

            - write a custom script to apply the updates i want at the scheduled date and time for automatic updates.


            ToPS isn't detected by Windows SteadyState so i have to write a script to check the update at a specific time.


            Any advice would be appreciated.


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              I note that this is another example where being able to schedule updates at specific times might be part of a problem resolution (rather than just being able to specify the interval between updates, which is not at all the same thing). Is there some problem with providing system administrators with this capability? (I realise this would require further development of the Total Protection Service, but we surely shouldn't rule that out, it's design is surely not cast in stone!)


              [I'm here cross-referring to the thread I started recently entitled "Why are automatic updates killing the performance of laptops?"]




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                Currently I am looking into it to try and get you some info about fixing the updates.


                But so far, I have not come across any guide to pass on to you which specifies how to schedule updates at a given time rather than just the intervals.




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                  Did you ever get this sorted? I am having this exact issue atm with one of my clients I have found the update exe file and have set SteadState to run this along with the updates daily. I have not been able to test this yet though as its a school and the students needed the PC's will be trying this on the other PC's in the next few days when no students are in.


                  It is almost impossible to find anyone who has a update batch file or script to update Total Protection.


                  Please let me know where you are up to with this.