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      I use endpoint encryption for PC 5.1.7

      LDAP connector for the user group.

      Lately I have noticed I get double entries for users (not all) and Machine group is growing rapidly (name00001, name0002 etc).

      I have run the sbadmcl tool with the cleanusergrop and cleanmachinegroup but it didn’t help.

      My DBCFG.INI file:













      Does anyone have any suggestions, (my EEPC is in production) PLZ help?

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          double entries for users? two users with the same name? incremental machine names means you are trying to activate the same machine more than once without clearing out the old item first.


          You are using a very old version of the software though, I suggest you log a ticket with your support organisation and take it step by step.

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            I have a ticket at support...

            Problem is they answer once in 3 days and that is if the feel like it...

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              Do you suggest to upgrade EEPC?

              What effect will it have on encrypted machines?

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                How big is your database?

                Did you apply settings listed in Best Practices guide document?

                Increase HashCount and MinEntrySize to larger values (like 48).

                Disable automatic cache rebuild by changing LifeTime to 0. Then manage cache rebuild via maintenance process, at least once per week.

                You may also need to increase LockTimeout and LockSleep values if your database is very large.



                on 3/11/10 9:42:14 AM EST
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                  I have about 1000 users and about the same amount of machines so, I think my DB is not that big....

                  I do have more users that can access the DB. can that be an issue?

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                    tell us more about the problem - do you have evidence (screen shots, logs etc) to show what your actual issue is?

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                      What do you mean users that can access the DB? Using EEM?

                      How many EEM users do you have? How do they access database (as remote in SDMCFG.INI)?

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                        Its the same username with a different ID. (username: XYZ; ID: 000001d3 and username: XYZ; ID: 000001d2)

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                          I have the Helpdesk guys that need to reset tokens and such. I know that at least two have EE Manager installed.

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