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    MVT reporting errors with TP2010.

      I am getting 3 errors whenever I run MVT with TP 2010. I have reinstalled numerous times, in each case removing with add/remove programs and then running MCPR (latest version). I have removed and reinstalled MVT, as well, using the same method. It looks as though a new version of MVT has been released, which is when I started noticing that all of the old problems are back. Language not supported????? It is only English -- nothing fancy. I'm also getting an error that a file is missing; yet, within the program, all the drawers are showing as active, and seemingly no problems with the program, until I get another virus.............. Is anyone experiencing this, and where might I find more info on this subject in these Communities (I'm new, here -- sorry)??


      I am using WinXP Pro (32bit) with SP3. Need help, PLEASE.





      Problem has been fixed as of this date: 3/11/2010. But, there is a new problem -- the shortcut on the start programs menu generated by the installer for MVT disappears as soon as the computer is booted or shut off. Does anyone know how to fix this? I have even manually added it back by copying the shortcut which I created on the desktop back to the start menu>programs folder in "all users" but it disappears too, as soon as the computer is booted, or turned off and then on, again. Now, what can be done about that -- anything?

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          This is a known issue with MVT and should hopefully be corrected soon.  Meanwhile disregard its findings.

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            Hi the_eye,

            Ideally MVT should report "No problems found" if TP2010 is uptodate.


            Please provide the following information to help resolve the issue.

            a) Actual findings/isues after MVT has scanned the product.

                (Run MVT and once the scan is complete.  Click on the problem log link at the top right corner of the MVT UI, save it on the desktop and anything in red  in that file, please copy and paste in your response.  Or note down the Session.  I can pull up the findings using the Session ID).


            b) OS & Browser information


            c) MVT version installed (Navigate to 'Program Files\McAfee\Supportability\MVT, right click on mvtapp.exe and check the file version in the Version Tab)


            I will check with the team about the shortcut disappearing.