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    Backup and Restore now changed to online only, no option for local/network backups

      I have just had to have my laptop rebuilt and everything reloaded. I download a new copy of my McAfee subscription which is different to the versions on my other computers and it no longer includes the backup and restore program that allowed my to schedule regular backups to either my server, or an external hard drive. Instead, they now have an online-only version which starts with a 2GB limit for the version I have.


      I spoke with customer service who said it is a technical issue, and tech service said it is a new change they have done as an improvement. My view is that it isn't an improvement for my requirements. I would rather control the backup location - I backup my business and personal files because they're important and sensitive and having them online is not as secure as having an encrypted local hard drive. I can also backup my entire files, not just 2GB (or more for a fee).


      I'm happy to go back to the version I paid a subscription for but was told it is no longer available. Has anyone else had problems with this or I am just too old-school?