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    McAfee Endpoint Encryption for PC 6.0.1




      I believe that the new ePO version of McAfee Endpoint Encryption is not that user friendly as 5.x. Lot of things are changed.

      I am facing lot of issues while configuring the client some of them are mention below

      1. single sign on is not working properly

      2.machines recovery size issue (if the machine recovery size is low then also it provides 256 key size response code)

      3. From where we can choose encryption algorithm.

      4. From where on the client machine we can get any log file like sbclientlog.txt for trouble shooting purpose.

      5. How licensing part works in the new version?

      6.User Group creation

      7. Instead of connector manager we are using register server option here.but how it actually works. If we want to fetch/add users as per sam account name how we can do that.

      8.basically seems to be very compicated....Can i have step by step solution for all the mention queries.Any official release of quick start guide will be also helpful....