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    Updated but still shows expired subscription & XP Security Pro virus/trojan issues

      So I purchased Internet Security 2010 for 3 PCs I so far I am not very happy. I was hoping to prevent extra stress but I was wrong. I have installed it on my 3 PCs (2 desk tops & 1 laptop). My laptop is still showing that my subscription expired 2/5/10. I am not getting a prompt to activate it either. I have tried to uninstall it & reinstall & still nothing different. I want to make sure I am protected as I now have a trojan or something on one of my desk tops that I cannot get rid of. I wish I would have spent more & hopefully gotten something that would have prevented the XP Internet Security Pro virus/trojan in the first place or at least would get rid of it. I am not a PC pro nor do I have time to fiddle around & I am so frustrated. Can anybody help with either issue please?


      Let me correct that. It is XP Antivirus Pro trojan.





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