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    ePo 4.0 and IE8



      I know that officialy McAfee does not support IE8 for ePo 4.0.

      We doing automated rolling-out Microsoft updates for all servers and server with ePo

      won't install any updates. Also There is a problem with install IE8..


      Does it possible that McAfee block installation IE8???


      Thanks in advance


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          If it did, information would be recorded in the product logs.

          Personally this does not sound like the cause of your problems.

          I've run Microsoft updates out to ePO 4.0 servers many times without issue.


          Installing IE8 on an ePO server isn't supported but you can probably still do it with the result is ePO console won't work properly - not that the IE8 installation itself will be blocked.





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            Install ePO 4.5 Patch 1 it is fantastic, has hundreds of fixes and no issues with IE8. I would also strongly reccomend rolling out VirusScan 8.7i Patch 3 as this has resolved many issues for me including the annoying problem where McAfee is taking a very long time to end processes during a re-boot or shutdown.





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              Thanks for all.


              We already preparing for roll-out VSE8.7 p3.


              Also we're preparing to upgrade to ePo4.5 but we worry about old NT and Windows 2000 machine with VSE 8.0.


              Thank for your help