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    Migrate policies from epo 3.6 to new epo 4 server - help




      Im trying migrate from Desktop firewall 8.5 from epo 3.6 onto a new epo 4 server using HIPs 7. So far I have HIPs 6 installed on the old 3.6 server and rang the migrator and migrated the desktop firewall policies into hips 6.


      Im now trying to export the policies from the old 3.6 server and now trying to import the policies for HIPs onto a new epo 4 server with hips 7. I can seem to do it.


      Can anyone tell me on how to do this ? Do i need to install HIPs 7 onto the epo 3.6 server and migrate from hips 6 to 7 then export the polices, then import the policies into epo 4 ? (i hope that makes sense)


      many thanks