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    Full Scan Continually Fails

      I get a notice my AV has not performed a full scan in the last 30 days.  I have attempted torun a full scan many, many times, even manually starting full scans.  The scan starts but I never get any results and nothing has worked.  I ran MVT, no problmes found.  I use McAfee Security Center w/ AV 13.9

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          Hi dbrejda,

          Your SecurityCenter protection status will change from green to red and present the message: A full scan of your computer has not been completed in the past 30 days.

          There are a few reasons why this can happen:

          * Your computer has been powered off for 30 days or more preventing scheduled scans from running.
          * The computer was restored back to a previous date.
          * A scheduled scans began but was cancelled before it could complete


          Please check whether the system date & time (on the system tray) is set right .
          Click ignore beside the message in security center and perform a full scan and allow the scan to complete and this would resolve the issue




          Dinesh K

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            None of this applies.  The PC is never off for more than overnight, I have not restored it to any previous state.  The system date and time has not changed and I ahve not stopped any scans.  For the last few days, I have left my PC on straight and If you read my post, I have performed multiple on-demand full scan.  All have failed to complete or correct the problem.

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              Could you please let me know whether do you receive any error while doing an ondemand scan ?
              Open security center and let me know whether it states Am I protected YES or Your computer is secure?
              Do you have any other security software installed in the computer ?


              Dinesh K

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                No, I do not receive any errors.  Of course, Security Centger DOES NOT say I am protected, why else would I would I keep entering these posts????  No, I do NOT have any other security software running.