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    Repository Went Missing, Re-installed but Tasks and Policies Gone. Help.....


      As title states it, Repository went missing late last night. Called Gold Support, they had never seen that happen before. They Called me back about a hour or so later and Stated that their tier II so that we needed to back up the Software folder and Delete it. Then Begin to Rebuild the Repository.


      That has been completed, but all of the tasks and custome policies we had for about 20 diffrent containers are now gone...


      Is all of these custom settings gone??





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          Tasks and policies are made in the database, not the repository so that's a little odd.

          Rebuilding the repository alone should not affect the tasks and policies (Unless as part of the process you uninstalled the point-product extensions...)

          Are you sure it was just the master repository which failed and nothing else ?

          Perhaps if you can list out exactly what steps you took to rebuild it'll shed some light on why this has happened.


          If at any stage you removed the extensions though, those associated tasks & policies are really gone.


          But even then those tasks & policies should still be in any recent ePO DB backup you may have.

          You might be able to build a test server up with the same ePO version, restore a backup DB then export the policies from there at least.

          Those policies can then be imported back to the policy catalog. (You'll still have to reassign them to machines or groups in the system tree).


          Also, make sure you check the policy catalog to confirm they really have gone and not just been unassigned somehow.