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    Deploying exclusions to built in scan task via ePO

      This is partially related to VScan and ePO. I've been battling with support on this and the answer they give me I find hard to believe.


      What I have come to understand from my communications with both the tech and his manager is that there is no way to deploy exclusions to the built-in scan task on ePO managed installations via ePO console. So, I can exclude files in on-access scan and I can create an on-demand scan task with exclusions, but I cannot control which files the built-in task scans. Basically, if someone were to run a one-off scan from the start menu, all of the files I have set exclusions for will be detected and deleted or whatever vscan chooses to do with it. Take produkey for example. I have excluded this everywhere I can possibly find in ePO, but Mcafee was flagging and deleting it. I finally discovered that someone had run a one-off scan and the file was deleted. This led to my investigation.


      So my questions are:

           1. What does everyone else out there do, other than rebuilding installation packages each time you want to add an exclusion then initiating a product reinstall? Goes without saying, but I don't want to do this manually to each workstation/server.

           2. Does any one else agree that it's very strange that they can't control this?

           3. Am I and the support team I was dealing with on crack and you can in fact do this?


      Thanks in advance!!