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    Add Local Users Function

      Hi all,


      Just in the process of testing Endpoint 6 at a client and as of today we have Patch 1.


      Got to the stage of testing the above function and not getting the results expected. Does the client look somewhere specific for the local users?


      The client here for some reason has changed the location of Documents and settings to D:\Profiles


      So documents and settings doesnt actually exist anywhere on the machine. I have tried it on an old machine that has the usual Docs and settings and all appears to be fine.



      So my question is, is there a way of changing where the Client is reading the local users from?



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          Just an Update. I have tried testing the local users function on another Laptop that does have Docs and settings in the right place. For some reason EEPC is not picking up the users from this one either.


          Environment here is:



          NT Domain


          Users log into Netware which in turn logs them into Windows. So I suppose the question is does EEPC 6 support adding local users that are not part of an AD domain?

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            I did not see in Release Notes new provision to enable local (non-AD) users in EE v.6.0.1.

            That feature was not present in initial release of EE v.6 (we can call it 6.0.0).

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              So it will only pick up AD local users then?


              Hmm this product is proving to be less and less usable as the days go on.

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                You are correct.

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                  It certainly is.


                  We have several customers with mixed environments who have been holding off full deployment of SafeBoot because the all singing all dancing fully ePO managed Endpoint Encryption 6 was comming out in December last year but 4 months down the line we have the following situation.


                  Users take hours / days to appear on the local system unless you only assign 1 user per PC.

                  Add local Domain Users is flakey in an AD environment and doesn't work at all if you have any other form of network authentication.

                  Customers love the new custom theme option so that they can add their own company logo at Pre-Boot BUT IT DOESN'T WORK unless you re-apply the default McAfee theme, sync the endpoint, then re-apply your custom theme, sync the endpoint and re-boot (on every client).

                  SSO does not work in any environment other than pure AD.

                  The pre-boot environment has extremely dodgy mouse and keyboard drivers.

                  Plus several other annoyances that I won't go in to as we will be here all day.


                  We are now in a situation where we are stuck on site trying to get a product working that clearly was not ready for a production environment, reminds me of the old ePO 1.x, 2.x and NetShield NT days


                  Bit of a nightmare really.


                  I will keep an eye on the forums etc and pray to the McAfee Gods that something will change. New QA and development team for EEPC maybe