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    ePO missing threats from managed clients. How to force upload from client to ePO?



      I have ePO 4.5.0 and the clients are running VirusScan 8.7.

      All updates and policys appear to be working ok.


      If I search in ePO for threats I get only a subset of the threats detected by the clients (or maybe I am just receiving the threats info from some of the managed systems).

      If I go into the managed system and check the log (OnDemandScanLog.txt) I see that the local agent has detected and cleaned several virus.

      It seems, this information is not being sent in to ePO.


      Btw, the query I use returns threats events reported from managed systems by ip address (of the managed system).



      Where do I configure the sending of threat events to ePO in the client policies (maybe I configured it wrongly)?

      How can I force the client to upload all threat events into ePO?

      After the events are uploaded to ePO are they right away available or does it take some time to process (like some hours)?