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    v4 to v5 Server Upgrade Rebuilds Cache?



      In testing I notice that upgrading the v4 server to v5 results in a rebuild of the user cache on first logon to v5. And then machine cache rebuilds once a machine object is modified. This is despite the DB Lifetime being zero and the cache on v4 being manually rebuilt every night as per Best Practice.


      This is going to introduce a lengthy delay in my live upgrade as I wait for both caches to build after upgrade. One way to stop it seems to be to rename the DBCFG.INI file to eg: DBCFG.OLD. Without this file, logging in with v5 does not then rebuild the cache. However, I am not sure this is really a solid solution, perhaps rebuilding the cache in this way is an important part of the v5 upgrade?


      Wonder if anyone could shed any light on this?