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    Spam Effectiveness

      Can somebody please tell me how to populate the Spam Effectiveness Report?




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          When you go to Compliance, Content Analysis, Dictionaries, what is the name of the agent installed for the report? We have ubereff and totaleff agents for 6.7.1.  Also, what version of IronMail are you at?

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            To create a spam effectiveness report you  will need to create a group called spam_test_group:


            In the admin gui:

            1. Go to Compliance, Compliance Advanced, Group Manger.
            2. Click Add New.  
            3. Create a new Group Name: spam_test_group.
            4. Click Submit.


            Once the group, add email addresses of the people who are reporting spam but try to keep it less than 10 addresses because the report can cause a heavy load on the box.


            The next day the report should be populated showing detailed information of messages recieved that were destined to anyone in that group.



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              Thanks for your response.


              I was told by support that UBEREFF does not exist for 6.7.2 which is the version that we are running.

              I manually changed the version number in the dictionary to read version 6.7 but am unsure as to whether it is working or not.

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                I have done this now and it is working.  Thank you

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                  How do I associate this group with the Spam Effectiveness report ? In other words, how does Ironmail know that the report should be ran against that specific group ?