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    Question regarding VirusScan 8.7 remote console and Windows 7



      We are currently in the process of piloting Windows 7, with VirusScan 8.7 Patch 2. I have a problem where i cannot connect via the VirusScan remote console to a Windows 7 machine correctly. Although the remote console opens, whenever i try and look at any remote options such as repositories, i get dll errors, and permission messages poppping up. a couple of examples are:-


      (Trying to look at On-Access scanner properties) - Error message: Could not connect to the computer xxxxxx. Make sure you have proper permissions to access the configuration information of the specified computer


      (trying to access Repository List) - Error Message: Failed to open the Common Framework DLL C:\Program files\McAfee\Common Framework\ClientUI.dll


      I have tried adding mcconsol.exe into the allowed applications list via GPO for the firewall thinking that would fix it, but it still errors. It is definately something to do with permissions but i can't quite work out where to go next. UAC is enabled on windows 7 as well, so could that be contributing to this?


      If anybody could suggest any fixes via GPO or other methods it would be appreciated.