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    Uninstalling HIPS via ePO 4.5 fails

      Not really sure if this is the right place for this topic but since I'm doing this via ePO 4.5 I'll just drop it here.


      We were running Host IPS on our clients for a few weeks and decided that we don't need it so now I want to remove it. To do that I removed the install from the Client Task and added a remove task. For some clients that worked just fine but for others it didn't.


      I'm not quite sure what went wrong as the enviroment we have is all Windows XP with SP3, running the same version of the McAfee agent ( 4.5 ) and the same version of the VSE ( 8.7i ). HIPS version is                                     


      The problem looks something like this:

      Uninstall process starts and the computer reboots at some point later in time.

      When the computer comes back from reboot there is no network connection, ipconfig returns only "Windows IP Configuration" and no IP addresses shown

      Looking in the logs I see that "McAfee Fire driver not installed", similar to this problem: http://community.mcafee.com/thread/9602 but the soution there doesn't apply to my problem

      There are 2 ways currently for me to fix this, I can either open Local Area Connection properties and unselect/uninstall the McAfee driver that's there or I can do this: https://kc.mcafee.com/corporate/index?page=content&id=KB51699 , manually go through the registry to remove all evidence of HIPS.


      To stop the problem I removed the uninstall task so currently we have HIPS installed on approx 50% of the clients still and I would like to remove them without having to manually go to every single one of them and either do the uninstall from Add/Remove programs ( yes, that seems to work ) or go to the bugged but working clients and do the registry fix.


      I have done an extensive google search and searched these forums but I still haven't found the solution, so my question is:


      Is there any way for me to invoke the uninstall task without clients losing network connection?