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    Help Keep getting errors

      Pre-Install  Check
      Problem: Clear  DNS cache
      More  Detail
      Problem: Clear  temporary internet files
      More  Detail
      Problem: SSL  2.0 and SSL 3.0 certificates not installed
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      Problem: Clear  the temporary folders

      Keep getting errors everytime I run virtual technician I ran Malware bytes the virus was cleaned out.

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          Hi microjonjon,

          Please provide us with the following information

          What is your Internet browser  (IE or firefox) ? and the version ?
          What is the computer’s operating system ?
          Have you installed all the latest windows updates ?
          How did you install the virtual technician ?


          Dinesh K

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            I have mozilla verson 3.6.      Internet Explorer 8 Windows Xp professional.    Yes installed all latest updates.  Virtual Technician unsure what you mean I downloaded from mcaffee.

            Thank You

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              In your first post you mentioned that you were receiving errors while running virtual technician, Could you please confirm whether do you have any problems running mcafee virtual technician or installing mcafee products ?



              Dinesh K

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                When I run the virtual technician which tells you wheather the mcaffee installation will work, it brings up these errors I must fix such as dns cache full.  I already have to unplug and re plug my modem back in every five minutes.  I do ipconfig/flushdns and ipconfig/renew like its a new habit.           When I have tried to install the mcaffee software it says error, then recommends the virtual technician. So Overall my problem is how to fix the errors the virtual technician shows  after scan, because I am trying to install the mcaffee security suite.

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                  Hi Microjonjon,
                  Thanks for the brief description about the issue, please follow the below steps before installing your products.

                  1.Run the mcpr tool from here and restart the computer.
                  2.Check and delete if you have any other security software in control panel and in C:/program files & common files.
                  3.Run mcpreinstall tool from this
                  link and reinstall your programs again.

                  Kindly report back with the exact error message , if possible a screen shot along with your next post.



                  Dinesh K