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    Installing EPO 4.5 on a VM with a seperate SQL Instance on a cluster

      Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction.


      I have been trying to install EPO 4.5 on to a VM but it fails to Authenticate to our SQL Instance.

      The SQL Instance is on a High Availabity SQL Cluster.


      The account I am using has SysAdmin privileges to the SQL Instance but no other right on the Server or SQL.

      The error I receive points to the account needing "Log on as batch job" right on the SQL server. (Our SQL dba & policy will not allow this)




      1. Is there anyway to pre-stage the SQL database on the SQL server.

      2. Why does the account need logon as batch (I'm assuming it needs it to build the database)???

      3. Is there any other way of getting the SQL Db created? (script, query etc.)


      I have hunted through KB articles and everything I can find but they all relate to installing EPO on the Cluster. (Only SQL is clustered in this instance)


      Thanks for any response.