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    Admins Unable to Access after v4 to v5 Upgrade

      So I just upgraded my test server from v4.2.15 to v5.2.2


      The test server points at a copy of my live database taken a few weeks ago.


      I can log in using my Lv 30 and Lv29 accounts, either through the Service OR through the Local SafeBoot Administration Database connection. However, my 1st Line Admins (lv 6) cannot connect. To test, I created myself an account in the 1st Line Admins container and cannot login with this account either.


      Error Code: 0xdb00001d
      You do not have permission to access the object


      I remember reading something somewhere that said, in v5, regular user accounts (ie. those used as just client accounts) will not be able to acess the Database via SBadmin, even at level 1, I wonder if the same changes have somehow changed the permissions of my admins?