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    EEPC 6 Patch 1 Released


      I noticed on the McAfee download site that EEPC 6 Patch 1 was released today. The release notes show they fixed some major problems. i.e. 


      Resolved Issues

      Issues from previous releases of the EEPC that have been fixed in this release are listed below:
      • Removal of the EEPC is possible even when the EEPC is active on the client system.
      • EETech: Clicking Enable USB two or more times results in the same USB being listed as a different drive under Authentication | File.
      • Pre-Boot storage size resets to default (20 MB) after restarting ePO server.
      • When a Lenovo system is encrypted and booted with BartPE EETech Recovery Boot Disk, user is unable to see the C: drive contents in A43 File Management Utility.
      • Windows hangs during the startup on Lenovo systems with an ATI graphics card running Windows XP.
      • Unable to navigate to the Recovery Type page under Menu | Data Protection | Encryption Recovery in ePO.
      • Allows to access the Select User page under Menu | Data Protection | Encryption Recovery even when the System Recovery option is selected.
      • Unexpected error is observed while using Quick Find option on Manage Simple Words page without having any simple word group.
      • Changing default password setting to a new password for assigned users who are not initialized does not accept both new and old default passwords in upgrade scenario.
      • Error accessing file EE050014 after resuming from hibernation.
      • New Token Integration for Gemalto .NET V2 Endpoint applet (Credit Suisse).
      • The Endpoint Encryption Windows logon page on locked XP system hangs if the logon page is left idle for 2 minutes.
      • Delete user if the user is disabled in Active Directory option under Menu | Configuration | Server Settings | Endpoint Encryption | Edit is not functioning and the Pre-Boot Authentication is bypassed.
      • Win XP SP3 issue : The Endpoint Encryption logon screen appears on locking the workstation even when the Endpoint Encryption logon is disabled.
      • GINA does not chain to any DLL other than MSGINA.DLL.
      • Dell D630C laptops do not display the Pre-Boot Authentication page and they hang displaying a black screen.